Bring It to Life: Ways to Add Personality to a Boring Room

With everybody stuck inside during the current pandemic, we have more time than ever to get some projects done. For some people, it’s finally mastering how to play the piano; for some, it’s getting into more of a gym routine; and for others, it’s tackling those home improvement projects. If you’re in the group of those wanting to spruce up the home, take this extra time to figure out how to make the personality of your home come to life. Some rooms boast your personality, while others can be quite lackluster. Here we’ve listed a few different ways to add personality to a boring room—check it out!

Add an Accent Wall

The walls of a room make an impact on its personality. You can bring an energy to the room simply by changing up the paint color, but if you want to push it further, add an accent wall! There are things you should and should not do with accent walls, but really it depends on your style. Go for a wall of shiplap or a chevron wall—choose what would make you happy to look at every day.

Decide on a Focal Point

The reason your room feels boring might be that you’re lacking a focal point. Every room should have a center—without it, the energy of the space is wandering, and you and other guests will feel uneasy. If you don’t have a focal point for the room, create one. Maybe you build a massive bookcase and have that act as the center. Maybe you refresh an old coffee table and put it in the middle atop a gorgeous antique rug. Your options are quite open—just make sure to have a focus.

Choose a Color Scheme

If you’ve decided it’s time to switch up the paint color, carry that into the rest of the room to make sure the color doesn’t fall flat. Interior designers everywhere will tell you how important it is to carry the chosen color scheme to the minor details in the room. For example, deciding on a theme or a color scheme for the room gives you a direction to go in for the rest of the décor. Bring the color into lampshades, artwork on the wall, candles on the ledge—the more you can tie it in with little touches, the more the “personality” will shine through.

Bring Some Texture In

This may seem like a small detail, but it ties together with the idea of a room falling flat. A boring room may seem boring because all the textures are the same, all the colors are the same—it’s too similar to seem exciting. If you’re not a fan of changing up the entire color scheme of the space, think about how you can add in some texture. Maybe you get a furry cream blanket or use some rough burlap as a small design element. Add in rough, soft, shiny, and dull elements to the room to give it life.

Nature Always Helps

If you still think the room could benefit from an added element, add in some nature. Flowers and plants have this innate ability to make a room feel alive. Even a plant in the corner of the room can add that spark of life you’ve been looking for. The more you add, the more alive the room!

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