memorial day weekend 2

Memorial Day Weekend in NWI

     There are lots of events and activities in Northwest Indiana for Memorial Weekend that are fun for the whole family with lots of free things to do. While here in Northwest Indiana you’ll also find lots of amusement parks and Family Friendly Fun centers with arcades, indoor play, laser tag, miniature golf, bowling,…

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Regional streeters annual car show crown point indiana

Cobe Cup Returns to Northwest Indiana -2024

     The excitement returns to Northwest Indiana thanks to the Regional Streeters Car Club. The Annual and Historical Cobe Cup Car Cruise will be held on Saturday, May 25th Memorial Weekend, 2024. The course mocks the original historical race of 1909 – going thru Crown Point, Lowell and Cedar Lake, starting at Lake County Fairgrounds…

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cicadas 1

Mass Emergence of 17 – Year Cicadas Begins Soon

  The mass emergence of 17-year periodical cicadas has started in parts of Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Cicada nymphs have begun emerging from underground, crawling up trees and molting into their adult form with wings. With its expansive woodlands, any woodland area is a great place to see and hear an abundance of cicadas throughout…

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Diet Therapy in Bulimia Nervosa and Russells Sign Treatment

Diet Therapy in Bulimia Nervosa and Russell’s Sign Treatment

Bulimia nervosa is a significant and possibly deadly eating disorder characterized by binge eating regularly followed by compensatory actions, including self-induced vomiting, too much exercise, or abuse of diuretics and laxatives. It usually comes from an obsession with weight and body shape. The affected might have a distorted perception of their body, leading to damaging…

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Two male electricians dressed in professional attire use a rig-mounted lifting system to repair electrical wires on poles.

How To Stay Safe While Working With Rigs and Electricity

Working with electricity comes with extreme caution. Keep yourself and your rigging team safe around rigs and electricity with these top tips.

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travel to australia

From the Outback to the Coast: Unforgettable Experiences in Australia’s Natural Wonders

Australia is a country of diverse and impressive landscapes, so if you are in doubt, put aside your doubts and visit it! From the rugged appeal of the outback to the breathtaking coastal regions, you’ll have many beautiful experiences and memories to last a lifetime. So let’s look at what to see in Australia and…

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top 5 music events festivals concerts in michigan in 2024

TOP 5 Music Events In Michigan in 2024

Michigan’s summers are well-known, with shining lakes and colourful festivals. The music is very lively as well. If you want to jump around in an exciting crowd or enjoy calm folk music under the night sky, Michigan offers all kinds of musical experiences for everyone in 2024. Let’s dive into what we think are the…

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How to Make Memorial Day Memorable with certificates and photos photography

How to Make Memorial Day Memorable with Creative Certificates and Photos

Introduction Memorial Day reminds people of the sacrifices that many have offered in serving in the United States armed forces. This is when many try to figure out how to thank such individuals for their service genuinely. Personalize your Memorial Day observance through tools like a free certificate maker that can assist in personalizing the…

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Four men wearing protective personal equipment work on a red brick building's pediment, using sanders and producing dust.

The Most Common Challenges in Historic Building Restoration

Restoring a building is a rewarding experience, but it comes with its challenges too. Here are few to keep in mind as you upgrade a building.

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Two men in their Indiana-based workshop, smiling as they review the things they must do to start their craft business.

Things To Do When Starting a Craft Business in Indiana

The launch of a craft business in Indiana requires many things, including market research and supply sourcing. Learn how to start your business with this guide.

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