special consensus

Special Consensus Visits Valparaiso

THE SPECIAL CONSENSUS is a four person acoustic bluegrass band that began performing in the Midwest in the spring of 1975.The first band album was released in 1979 when the band began touring on a national basis. In 1984, The Special Consensus initiated the Traditional American Music (TAM) Program in schools across the country and…

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The Small Set loved “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical”

**** Recommended **** I would have liked to take my granddaughter, Molly, to see “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Musical” at the Rosemont Theatre tonight, but she had another commitment.  There were lots of other small people sitting all around me, however, who thoroughly enjoyed “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”.   Although I thought it ran a…

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Domesticated sidebyside

Like It or Not, Steppenwolf’s “Domesticated” will start a Conversation

**** Recommended **** “Domesticated”, the new production at Steppenwolf, is an incredibly interesting play, but I’m not sure I liked it.  It’s nominally about a woman who stood behind her man, but then she made his life miserable thereafter.  Although his behavior was reprehensible, her choices certainly contributed to their woes.  It did make for…

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TwistYourDickens ChristmasPresent

Second City and the Goodman present “Twist Your Dickens”

**** Highly Recommended **** “Twist Your Dickens” is an absolute hoot!  At the same time as Larry Yando is wowing audiences in the Goodman Theatre’s traditional production of “The Christmas Carol” in the Albert Theatre, Second City has taken over the Owen with “Twist Your Dickens”.  Even though it’s the second time around, I still…

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Chicago Shakespeare Theatre’s “The Heir Apparent” is a Rollicking Good Time

**** Highly Recommended **** Chicago Shakespeare Theatre’s new production, “The Heir Apparent”, is hilarious.  The stellar cast delivers sexy double entendres, off-color puns and ridiculous rhymes with equal aplomb.  If playwright David Ives couldn’t find an old-fashioned bit to fit somewhere, he didn’t hesitate to use contemporary slang.  Somewhat startling, but it added to the…

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ICE FISHING IN northwest indiana

Ice Fishing in Northwest Indiana

Get the Indiana rules for catching fish, such as quantity, size, and licensing. This information is available Fishing www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/2348.htm.             Ice Fishing Areas . . . LAPORTE COUNTY INDIANA: • Fox Memorial Park — Ice fishing on Clear Lake (Clear Lake Blvd), Fishtrap Lake (MCclung Rd.,), located on Fox Park…

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CST QBros Present

“A Q Brothers Christmas Carol” at is Fresh, Cheeky and Fun!

***** Highly Recommended ***** Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is rocking once again with the return of “A Q Brothers Christmas Carol”.  Please note: this is not “A Christmas Carol” as Dickens wrote it, instead Ebenezer Scrooge and the Dickens gang are yanked into the 21st century!  Fresh, cheeky, fun and very original, I give…

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journeymen distillery photos

Journeyman Distillery is 100% Organic

      Everything about Journeyman Distillery is handcrafted, and their decor reflects attention to labor in every way. The original maple factory floors are from the 1800s. They have an original concrete bar made in Grand Rapids, with coordinates etched into the side—to mark this historic and unique location. They’ve used wood from the…

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steves catering

Experience Steve’s Lounge in Hegewisch

    Located in an almost forgotten corner of southeast Chicago, in the quaint and historic neighborhood of Hegewisch is an isolated blue collar community boarded by Lake Calumet, railroad tracks and the Ford assembly plant you’ll find Steve’s Lounge. It is in this almost ideal “classic tavern” environment that one can find.   To experience a…

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donquijote e1581354266103

Diners Love DonQuijote Restaurant

   Many people who have visited downtown Valparaiso since 1985 have discovered the distinctive cuisine of the regions of Spain at Don Quijote Restaurant. Offering an excellent introduction to the rich and varied flavors and aromas of Iberian cooking, the proprietors and chefs, Carlos Rivero and Elena Jambrina are both natives of Spain. Carlos Rivera…

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