OrsonsShadow couch

Larger-than-life Characters in Chicago Street Theatre’s “Orson’s Shadow”

Chicago Street Theatre has a reputation for choosing interesting and unusual plays.  Their newest production, “Orson’s Challenge”, a play I’d never seen, intrigued me.  Since it’s about Orson Welles and Lawrence Olivier, it could have been fascinating.  Watching larger-than-life characters trading insults can be so much fun!  Instead of fun, the audience got performances that…

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spring into the arts valparaiso indiana

Spring Into The Arts Valparaiso

This is the kick-off event for “Spring into the Arts”, a month long creative festival developed by VCS art educators celebrating and highlighting the Arts in downtown Valparaiso landmark venues. Beginning at the Urschel Pavillion  on April 30th, @rt-chitecture walk will showcase VCS K-12 artwork at 6 landmark locations downtown. The artwork of Valparaiso University …

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“Hersey Felder as Irving Berlin” is Back at the Royal George!

**** Highly Recommended **** The weather has been so awful – gray and snowy, just like November – that it was totally fun to have a little bit of Christmas in April.  The Royal George was decorated with garlands, lights and red poinsettias all around, not to mention the giant Christmas tree on stage.  The…

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** Somewhat Recommended ** Victory Gardens new play, “Hillary and Clinton” exists in an alternate universe, which might be where it belongs.  I’m reminded of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode in which parallel universes collide, only in that show the situation was a lot more interesting.  I was so bored by the meaningless…

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Drury Lane’s Campy “Hazel” is Fast-Paced and Funny

**** Recommended **** Drury Lane’s campy new production, “Hazel, A Musical Maid in America”, is an entertaining breath of fresh air.  It’s fast-paced, funny and exactly what it should be.  By the way, just because a musical/play is based on something else doesn’t mean it will or won’t be worth your while.  “Hazel”, based on…

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jazz shows Hammond Indiana sq

Last Sunday Jazz Nights Hammond Indiana

What can be better than the best steak in the Region combined with the Live Jazz to round out your weekend? Freddy’s Steakhouse is pleased to announce their “Last Sunday Jazz Nights” featuring local Grammy Contender, Keenan Baxter, who ranks #1 in jazz in Valparaiso and #10 in Chicago in Jazz on Reverbnation. “Last Sunday…

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Bio Blitz Miller Beach

Part scientific endeavor, part festival and part outdoor classroom, the 2016 BioBlitz will record as many living organisms in the Miller Woods area of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in two days. “Explorers” of all ages are needed to help scientists find all the flora and fauna. The Douglas Center for Environmental Education will serve as…

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seasons restaurant catering merrillville indiana

Seasons Restaurant Celebrates 7 Years!

Season’s Restaurant and Catering has been known for creating great meals and providing superior customer service for the past seven years. Patrons are guaranteed professional courteous service, high quality food, sanitary preparation, on time delivery (for catering services) and competitive prices, located at 7219 Taft St., Merrillville, Indiana. Their freshly cooked from scratch home-style cuisine…

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Riverdance AnnaLivia

“Riverdance – the 20th Anniversary World Tour” dazzles Cadillac Palace Audiences

**** Recommended ****  “Riverdance – the 20th Anniversary World Tour” is a show you can count on.  It delivers exactly what it promises, synchronized Irish dance in precision formations.  Gorgeous costumes, haunting music, poetry and song; with the flavor of Spain, Russia and America adding a zing, you’ve gotta love it!  I give “Riverdance 4…

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Chicago Tap Theatre’s Beautiful “Time Steps” is Both Evocative and Emotional

**** Recommended ***** I don’t know what I was expecting when I went to see Chicago Tap Theatre’s “Time Steps”, but it sure wasn’t the beautiful, evocative and emotional story dance I saw.  This is not the tap you’ll see/hear in a Broadway musical like “42nd Street”.  In fact, it sounds more like the sounds…

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