healthy easter treats vanilla cupcakes

Better For YOU Treats

by Simple Mills

After forty days of giving up their favorite sweets, most people are ready to treat themselves. Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, kicks off the Lenten season and Easter brings it to an end which means that many people splurge on the snacks they were separated from. Simple Mills has recipes that are perfect for enjoying during Easter with more wholesome ingredients than the junk foods people often give up for Lent.

Simple Mills baking mixes are free of GMO/gluten/soy/grain and are low in sugar while being high in protein. Their products and recipes make the perfect addition to the snack table at every gathering. Some popular recipes on the company website include Speckled Vanilla Cupcakes, Toasted Coconut Cake, and Savory Bread Pudding.
healthy easter treats vanilla cupcakes

Speckled Vanilla Cupcakes
These cupcakes made with Simple Mills’s vanilla cake baking mix are perfect for any Easter gathering. Cocoa powder is speckled within the vanilla cake mix to create a blend of the two classic flavors. The sweetest thing about these cupcakes is the wholesome ingredients used to make them which reduce the amount of empty calories and added sugar while still tasting delicious! Add a swirl of colorful frosting on top to make the cupcakes a beautiful addition to the dessert table. Click here for recipe: Speckled Vanilla Cupcakes
easter treats savory chicken pesto bread pudding

Savory Chicken Pesto Bread Pudding
For those who prefer to ditch the sweets, Simple Mills has this more savory option that can be made using their Artisan Bread Mix. Simple Mills’s bread pudding is chocked full of chicken, peppers, spinach, and sundried tomatoes which makes it a perfect addition to the Easter meal. This high-protein pudding may keep guests fuller for longer but not too full to enjoy some extra treats on the holiday! Click here for recipe Savory Chicken Pesto Bread Pudding

healthy easter coconut cake fruity dessert

Toasted Coconut Cake
This cake is a coconut lover’s dream! It can be made using Simple Mills’s vanilla cake mix along with coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut sugar, and coconut flakes. Topped with an optional strawberry garnish, this cake makes a lovely addition for the dessert table and is perfect for guests who prefer fruity desserts. For Full recipe click here: Toasted Coconut Cake

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