Best Things To Do At the Renaissance Fair

Best Things To Do At the Renaissance Fair

Summertime has its traditional fun activities: swimming, fishing, hiking, grilling, and sitting outside, enjoying the nice weather. However, while many people enjoy going on vacation or visiting their local amusement park, some take it to a whole new level and go to a Renaissance fair. Fortunately for those in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin, the Bristol Renaissance Faire is within reasonable driving distance. Some people might not know what to expect at these spectacular festivals, but this guide on the best things to do at the Renaissance fair will help clear any confusion.

Dress Up

Renaissance fairs are some of the few places where people can cosplay in peace. Use this time to grab your fantasy or Renaissance-inspired attire and have fun. Many people wear exceptional dresses, leather vests, cloth leggings, and other Renaissance-era clothing. You should also don some period-specific jewelry. This is a welcoming, open environment where you should feel comfortable in whatever outfit you wear. Don’t hesitate to get some pictures with other people whose costumes amaze you.

Visit Some Artisan Booths

Another commonality in Renaissance Fairs is the vast number of artisan shops or booths. From woodworking to metalwork, there are countless options for you to purchase locally made goods that you cannot find elsewhere. For instance, many types of smiths sell mugs and cutlery, metal jewelry, swords or other blades, armor, coins, horseshoes, and more. Even if you don’t fancy any of these items, spend time looking at the various artisan’s processes as they’ll often demonstrate and create them in person.

Try New Foods

Trying new and exotic foods and beverages are some of the best things to do at a Renaissance fair. Some of the most common foods to try include turkey legs and mead (honey wine). Other stalls might sell roasted candied nuts, cocktails, or more conventional foods like French fries, salads, hamburgers, or soda. Ultimately, have fun with it. Some stalls may even sell vegetarian or vegan options for plant-based festival-goers. There are plenty of options to fill your stomach with for your visit.

See Local Shows

Lastly, see some local shows. Many Renaissance fairs offer full jousting shows where you can see stunt riders decked out in traditional armor perform various jousts and mock battles before a royal court. Alternatively, you might see comedy shows, plays, or acrobatics shows for family-friendly and adult audiences. Other possible shows include glassblowing, belly dancing, storytelling, swordplay, and music. The wide variety of performances will never bore you.

South Bend (Aug 28th & 29th, 2021) : Click Here
Weekend Festivals are Held in Holly Michigan, Click here
Niles Renaissance Festival is Held Annually in May Click here

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