Activities To Do If You Hate Working Out

Activities To Do If You Hate Working Out

Exercise isn’t an aspect of your lifestyle that you should skip. Without it, your physical and mental health can suffer in the long term. At the same time, though, not everyone is in love with going to the gym or running, which are the common ways people get fit. You might want to exercise, but you have trouble staying consistent because those things are simply not enjoyable to you. Thankfully, there are other activities to do if you hate working out, which we list below. Give them a try—you might find your new favorite and healthy pastime.


Swimming is an activity that you probably associate with summer and vacationing. You feel weightless and don’t ever get drenched in sweat since you’re already in the water. It can also be an effective way to exercise because you must use muscles all over your body to propel yourself in the water. When you think about it, this makes sense, as the different strokes use both your upper and lower body as you reach in front of you and kick your legs. You work on your cardiovascular health as well, since your body must become more adapted to intaking and utilizing oxygen while you control your breathing.


Biking is more agreeable than walking or running for many people because you can move faster and feel the breeze blow past you. This allows you to cover more distance in shorter amounts of time and you can view more sights along your path. Furthermore, pedaling takes away the impact your joints would need to deal with as your feet strike the ground in running. Along with these benefits, you work on your leg muscles, core, and cardiovascular endurance. There are also electric bikes that you can use to stay fit. They help you vary the intensity of your exercise, as they have motor assistance features you can turn on while continuing to pedal.


Dancing is yet another activity to do if you hate working out because it is inherently pleasurable for many people. Moving your body to music for extended periods will get your heart pumping and learning different dance moves will allow you to develop better physical dexterity and balance. Some types of dancing, like breakdancing, will also see you building up strength in order to perform impressive maneuvers. As a beginner, you can get into dancing through a class; you can also watch videos online to practice right at home.

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