A Guide to the Best-Selling Toys of All Time

A Guide to the Best-Selling Toys of All Time

The toy industry has always performed well, but some toys stand out among the rest in sales. An array of toys have thrived on the shelves so well and for so long that they’re recognizable today. Explore iconic items in toy industry history by checking out the following guide to the best-selling toys of all time.


With the release of the LeapPad, LeapFrog yet again proved function and fun can work together to make a cool product. LeapPads have interactive features, which help keep kids curious and engaged. Colorful images paired with a speaking tablet and touch-sensitive pen help children learn more about the alphabet and shapes and improve their general object recognition.

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

In recent years, these pint-sized dolls have ranked as top sellers. The packaging of this toy is unique, as each L.O.L doll is, in fact, a surprise—kids don’t know which doll they’ll get until they open it. Dolls come with exciting stickers and accessories, making this unboxing-like experience even more fun for kids.

LEGO Bricks

LEGO bricks feed the inner architect in kids and even some adults. To this day, LEGO continually releases new sets reflecting different kids’ shows and popular movie franchises.

LEGO has performed well since its start in 1947. They appeal to both kids who color inside of the lines and those who venture outside of them. While many LEGO sets depict a clear goal in mind, say a racetrack or a spaceship, others offer an assortment of small, colorful bricks that allow kids to explore their creativity.

Toys Today

Though consumer trends have evolved over the years, you’ll still find all the powerhouse toys on this guide to the best-selling toys of all time on the shelves at your local toy shop. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door of the toy industry, you can’t only stock up on popular toy releases of years past. For retailers hoping to get in on a market that’s highly consistent and profitable, consider the top tips for selling toys in 2021.


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