4 Safety Tips to Drink Responsibly this Summer

4 Safety Tips to Drink Responsibly this Summer

For many people, the celebrations of summer aren’t complete without an ice-cold beer beside the grill, margaritas on the beach, or cocktails on a night out with friends. While alcohol can add to some incredible summer memories, it’s important to stay safe and responsible when drinking this summer. From staying hydrated in the heat to avoiding major regrets behind the wheel, here are four safety tips to drink responsibly this summer.

Beat the Heat

When you’re out in the summer sun, it’s easy for alcohol to hit you harder. The heat and sunshine combined with alcohol can make you get dehydrated quickly. Additionally, being outside in the summer makes you thirstier, which makes it tempting to keep grabbing more drinks to quench your thirst. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water between every alcoholic beverage. You’ll thank yourself in the morning when you avoid a serious hangover.

Stay Out of the Driver’s Seat

Drinking and driving can result in many different types of DUI charges and all of them will put a damper on your summer fun—not to mention, it’s incredibly dangerous both to yourself and anyone else on the road. Before you take your first sip, make sure you know exactly how you’re going to get home at the end of the night. Designate a sober driver in your friend group, plan for public transportation, or make other arrangements to ensure everyone gets home safely without getting behind the wheel.

Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing and other health and safety measures are stretching into the summer to prevent the spread of coronavirus. To keep yourself and others safe this summer, make sure your responsible drinking habits include responsible social distancing. Avoid large gatherings and public outings when you can. Instead, you can celebrate summer by having socially distant picnics or holding a backyard party with the other members of your household.

Pace Yourself

One of the best safety tips to drink responsibly this summer—and any time of year—is to know your limits. Pay attention to how much alcohol is in each drink, how many drinks you have, and how you feel between each one. Drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time means you can go from sober to sick quickly. Make the night longer and more enjoyable for everyone by pacing yourself.

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