3 Things to Know About International Adoption

3 Things to Know About International Adoption

Adoption is an important and serious decision for prospective parents to make. As such, you can’t go into the process unprepared—especially if you plan on adopting internationally. The more you know about international adoption, the easier the entire experience will be. If you’re considering growing your family through international adoption, it’s important to research and learn as much as you can about the laws, expectations, and other steps in the process. To help you make informed decisions for your family, here are three things to know about international adoption.

Adoption Laws Are Different in Every Country

As you consider which country you want to adopt from, you need to look at that nation’s specific adoption laws. Every country has different rules and requirements for you to meet. You might find yourself eligible to adopt from one country but ineligible in the next. Some of the most common criteria to pay attention to are age, income, marital status, and health. You should also pay attention to the Hague Adoption Convention, an international treaty that protects the children up for adoption. Whether your desired country has signed this treaty or not will help determine what the adoption process and guidelines will look like.

Prepare for Medical Complications

No matter how you choose to have a child, there’s always a chance they will face certain medical needs or requirements. The same holds true for children you adopt internationally. You should be prepared to provide the medical care your new child needs. This might mean finding specialist doctors or simply learning the ins and outs of vaccines for kids, regular checkups, and other children’s healthcare. It’s also possible that you won’t receive a comprehensive medical record when you adopt internationally. Before settling on a country to adopt from, make sure you learn what kind of medical information they have available for their kids.

The Commitment Continues After Adoption

One of the most important things to know about international adoption is how much of a commitment it is. You’ll be pouring time, energy, money, and love into your new family member long after you complete all the decisions and paperwork. There are many obstacles you and your child might face as you adjust to this new family life. You might have to tackle a language barrier or deal with the effects of trauma. The effort is worth it, though. As you continue to learn and face challenges, you will also grow and bond as a loving family.

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