3 Facts Every First-Time Pet Owner Should Know

3 Facts Every First-Time Pet Owner Should Know

From young adults looking to expand their family to seniors looking for a companion in retirement, there’s no age limit on getting your first pet. That said, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind when you adopt your new four-legged friend. Owning a pet is both a delight and a responsibility, and you have to put in the work to make a happy home for both of you. Give your newest family member the best life possible by remembering these three facts every first-time pet owner should know.

Find a Pet That Suits Your Lifestyle

Many people imagine their first pet to be an adorable, rambunctious puppy. While it’s tempting to adopt cute puppies or kittens for your first four-legged companion, keep in mind that there are older pets who also need some love. An older pet might even suit your lifestyle better. Think about how often you’re home, how active you are, and how much time you’re willing to commit to training a young animal. For example, if you don’t have time to go on walks every day, a big, energetic dog breed probably isn’t for you. Make sure you consider what’s best for you before you adopt so you can provide your pet with the care and attention they deserve.

Pet-Proofing Is Important

You can’t keep an eye on your pet every hour of the day. You also can’t keep them locked in the one pet-proofed room of your house. It’s important to make sure your entire home is safe for your pet to explore. This might mean little adjustments like hiding cables and putting toxic plants out of reach. You can also better equip your home to withstand the activity of an energetic pet. Use pet covers on furniture to save them from collecting fur and scratch marks. Install durable hardwood flooring, which is far easier to clean pet messes from than carpet and can also hold up to constant claw and paw traffic. Features like this allow both you and your pet to feel comfortable throughout the entirety of your home.

Make Regular Vet Check-Ups

Just like you go in for an annual check-up, so should your pet. One of the most important facts every first-time pet owner should know is that you should visit the vet at least once a year—even if your pet seems perfectly healthy. Routine check-ups allow your vet to catch health problems and warning signs early, which gives them a better chance of fixing the issue and keeping your beloved companion happy and healthy. Always follow through with annual appointments. The extra time and money are worth giving your pet a long, healthy life.

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