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      The PanoramaNOW (Printed) Magazine is over 28 years old. The website is 17 years old.  Our facebook page is five years old, Our new blog is 4 months old. Our social media marketing is 2 years old. It seems that having a product for over 28 years has its disadvantages. It seems, that we’re so used to our own magazine that we forget that there are “new” people. (It would make sense that after 28 years we would run across “new” people!) — especially techies that don’t like or more accurately don’t “understand” print. We forget that we have to remind these “X”ers,” Y”ers and “Whatever” ers what experiences we encounter each and every day and each and every month.

Here’s what a Recent "Techie" Asked us:
Are We a Passerby Magazine?

Here's the facts briefly:
1. Panorama is Direct Mailed to over 350 locations – with the Doctor’s name on the front cover! If you can remember being in the doctor's office and you look at the front cover with the doctor's name on it, you feel guilty taking it home.
2. People take the magazine right out of our hands when we deliver.
3. We are greeted with a big smile from our merchants who have been wondering where it’s been for days (because their customers love the get the magazine)
4. Panorama is grabbed up within the first 4 days of delivery and all copies are gone when we go back the next month to deliver to the same locations.
5. People actually drive to our locations, walk in just to pick up the panoramaNOW magazine.
6. People call places to see if they have one there, including us, the Convention and Visitors Tourism Bureaus.
7. If they are not interested in "ENTERTAINMENT" they won't pick it up- simple, that's why we have the words "Entertainment" real big at the top, We want to reach ONLY people interested in entertainment.
8. We go to High End locations only, specifically to reach only those who have discretionary income (not the grocery store, not the drug store, not the liquor store, not the cigarette store)
9. In some “high end” locations, we are the ONLY magazine allowed.
10. We've been told by our "high end" retailers, that people take the Panorama First, then they take what's left ONLY AFTER THE PANORAMAS ARE GONE!
11. We are 28 years old - that includes name recognition, and becoming a household word, which takes a great deal of "time."
12. Folks call us their “Bible.” This one we really couldn't understand at first, but if you think about it, you'll understand.
13. Folks keep the magazine by the TV Recliner, with yellow highlights for where they are going, and phone numbers, website and addresses that are still to this day hard to find, even on the internet and even with smart phones. We know this because we have to click five to six times on these big websites to find the information we need. (Smile now)
14. People beg us to deliver to their location.
15. We are not in need of places to distribute.
16. Merchants call people after we deliver and say, "They're here."
17. We have an 85 % repeat advertiser rate. Some of our color pages are reserved a year in advance.
18. We are happy to say that people actually take the Panorama to other locations that we do not deliver to.

So do you think we're a "Passerby" Magazine? please Email Us your thoughts, we might even publish your comments!


Sue Baxter
Contributing Editors:
Gayle Kosalko, Theatre
Chris Mauch, The Wine Cellar
Jodi Barnett, Health
Sandra Rodriguez, Local Foods
Account Executive:
John R. Sabo
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Phone: 219-464-9237
24-Hour Fax: 219-464-9237 (Press Send)

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